Hi, this site got knocked off the air in late May of 2011.
Site content is slowly being re-established on a new domain host.
(Very slowly - here it is, 2012 2013 2014, and I've barely made any headway.)

I am selectively restoring the site, section by section.
Some older stuff may be jettisoned in the process,
the remainder will be re-worked and updated.

So, as they say... "Please Stand By."

Restored 7/4/2011: SFX - http://doctechnical.com/sfx
Restored 8/23/2011: Oblique Strategies (Online Version) - http://doctechnical.com/oblique/index.php
Restored 8/23/2011: myxprojekt - http://doctechnical.com/myxprojekt

(Go ahead... ask me if I care...)

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